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Banner Talk

Page history last edited by Carla Arena 7 years, 6 months ago


Braz-TESOL Brasilia Chapter is proud to inform you that on the evening of Wednesday 6th March, at 2030h, we shall be treated to a free session with Dr. James Banner (see biodata below), entitled: 


"What's in, what's out in current English usage? Update and  Refresh your English!"

This seminar will explore developments in idiomatic expression in 21 Century Britain. Areas covered will include the media, cult objects, fashion, icons and figures from popular culture.


This will be an opportunity for you to enjoy your English and broaden your range of idiomatic expression.


The event will be held at Cultura Inglesa, Asa Sul (SEPS 709/909) and Certificates of Attendance will be issued.

See you there!


James Banner is International Officer at the University of Kent, UK. He directed the RSA Diploma in Teaching Foreign Languages to Adults, and a Certificate Programme in TFLA for Hilderstone College in conjunction with Kent Adult Education and the University of Kent. He has wide experience of teaching literature and language both in Britain and abroad and has published articles on language teaching and cultural issues.




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