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Plenary Speakers

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Nancy Lake is the Coordinator of Teacher Training for the CEL-LEP group.  She has an MA in TEFL/TESL from the University of Birmingham (UK) and is currently a local tutor for the Distance MA Programme of the University of Birmingham in Brazil. She is also a tutor for the Oxford Teaching Academy from the University of Oxford (UK) and ICELT and DELTA (Cambridge Teaching Awards). Nancy is a Speaking Examiner and a Regional Team Leader for CambridgeESOL examinations. She has a BSc from the University of Minnesota (US) in Spanish and French Education, graduate studies in ESL and recently concluded a year-and-a-half course on Reflective Teaching at PUC São Paulo.  







Our profession is often affected by a variety of viewpoints from learners, teacher educators,
standards and quality controls. This talk analyzes provocations for our profession and proposes
a moment of optimistic celebration as we look at how to deal with our professional future.


Cecilia Lemos has been an EFL teacher since 1993. She teaches at a binational center in Brazil. She is also a materials writer and teacher trainer. She is an organizer of the online conference Reform Symposium. She has presented webinars and at regional, national and international ELT conferences and her areas of interest are assessment, feedback and the use of technology in ELT. She is currently vice-president of the Braz-Tesol Pernambuco chapter.


She has a blog: Box of Chocolates (http://cecilialcoelho.wordpress.com) and is very active in social media for professional development. You can connect with her on twitter, @cecielt and on Facebook, Cecilia Lemos. 

I am NOT just an English teacher.

A new mantra.

How many times have you heard an English teacher say: “I’m just an English teacher”? Maybe you have even said it – or thought about saying it. This talk is aimed at that. It is about how we are educators above all and how we meet challenges, obstacles and opportunities. Our outlooks and possible outcomes. It is about what it means to be a teacher – and a good one!





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