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Fostering the 4Cs Resources

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Ronaldo Lima´s Plenary Session: http://ihopeitworks.blogspot.com.br/2012/05/plenary-at-braz-tesol-one-day-seminar.html 

Digital Tools to foster Interaction and Collaboration In and Outside the Four Walls

Maria da Luz Delfino, Selma Bimbato & Sônia Arantes

How can digital tools and students’ creativity enhance interaction and collaboration in and outside the classroom?

This workshop aims at sharing some useful, motivating and innovative ideas and activities that have worked successfully with young learners in and outside the classroom walls.

Digital Tools.ppt

Supporting Speaking Skills: Controlled Practice Revisited!

Graeme Hodgson

One of the biggest challenges teachers face the world over is supporting students' speaking skills (accuracy and fluency). This practical workshop will demystify some of the techniques teachers can use to scaffold learning in such a way that students have the confidence to speak up inside and outside the classroom!


How many careers do teachers have?

Marcelo Elias

Teachers may have several different careers, right? Yes! The aim of this workshop is to debate with participants the many different possible careers teachers can pursue. To do so, professional must be familiar with generation Y characteristics, Y-shaped careers, T-shaped professionals, strategy vs. tactics, entrepreneurship, mission & vision concepts.


Shall we Tweet?

Margarete Oliveira & Patrícia Faustino

Have you ever Tweeted? Join us to get to know this powerful tool. We aim to introduce Twitter and its innumerable uses in the classroom.


Practicing Pronunciation and Listening Online

Claudio Fleury

There is a close relationship between listening and speaking that influence understanding and communicating in English. This session brings online and offline resources and activities that will help students improve their English skills as well as raise awareness of characteristic pronunciation features of Portuguese that affect oral production in English.




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